bybmg: bybmg Blog - Year 2 Highlights

bybmg Blog - Year 2 Highlights


Have you ever had some days just slip past? Well, I definitely let my two-year blogging anniversary slip right by! I started this blog two years ago on February 20th. Boy, has it come a long way! I look back at the mirror selfies in our dark bedroom and just kind of wonder what was I thinking? But, I won't delete the posts because they're a part of my history!  My blog layout has come a long way, too. It still has a ways to go, but I wish you could see what it used to look like!

Well, today I thought I would look back on year two and just point you to some of my favorite posts. If you're new around here, some might be ones you haven't read before, or if you've been around for a while, maybe you've just forgotten!  It was so fun looking back!

I reshared this one not too long ago on Stephanie's blog, but it was written on March 3 of last year. I feel like I still need to go back and reread it every so often just as a reminder of what matters in blogging. 

There's so much pressure to have everything look perfect in pictures, in life. There's so much beauty in the imperfect.

This post is probably as close to having something go viral and I've ever had. It has by far the most page views of any post I've written, and it was such a simple DIY!

I participated in a 30 day remix this past summer. It challenged me a lot! This is a link to the whole series, and it was so much fun.

Speaking of a series, I started sharing some lessons in fashion this year, just simple tips to help your wardrobe stretch, and I've received some fabulous feedback! I plan to continue this series as long as I can continue to think of practical ideas.

It was so fun to share our baby news with everyone here. Baby boy will arrive in just a few weeks!

And, lastly, this post touched a lot of people, too. I am fully aware baby news isn't thrilling to all, because it hasn't always been thrilling to me. 

Thanks for hanging out with me this past year!  I appreciate your readership! Here's to another wonderful year!

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