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My One Word for 2015

Last year, my word was Simplify. I reflected on that last week over at Sarah's blog.

Today, I want to share with you my word for 2015, and that is Organize.

I say I'm an organized person. I want to be an organized person. But, I'm not sure I really am an organized person.  I set up great structures, but then I get lazy and they fall apart.  I'm sure I'm more organized than some people, but it is an area of my life that definitely needs some improvement.

Some things I already do that are great for organizing:

Meal Planning: We grocery shop each week, but it is purposeful.  I plan out each night's meal. I recently did a freezer meal party, which really cut down on the grocery shopping we had to do for a few weeks.  It was really nice, and I plan to do that again.  We have the freezer space, so it's wonderful. I would really like to have a month's worth of meals that I can put on repeat. I feel like every week I start from scratch.

Shared Digital Calendars: Russ and I each keep a Google Calendar of our own personal events. We also have a family Google Calendar. These are all shared between us and synced on our phones.  When I set up doctors appointments and such, I don't have to get a little card. I just enter it in my phone right away and it's there.  I really would LOVE to have a cute little paper calendar, but it would just be another hurdle because I would have to transfer it into the digital anyway, and I would probably often forget to bring it along when I needed it.

Mail: I do a pretty good job of disposing of junk mail immediately. I have one area (the ledge of the chalkboard in our kitchen) where I keep mail that needs attention, so things are rarely scattered or lost.

Email: I deal with email pretty quickly. I read it, and if it's something I need to deal with, it's kept in my inbox, kind of like a to-do list.  If I don't need it, I delete it or archive it.  As I write this post, I currently have 6 emails in my inbox. Each is in there for a specific purpose.

So, you might be like, dang, Becky, you're organized, but I have lots and lots of room for improvement!  Here are some things I'd like to work on.

Cleaning: Over and over again, I will make a cleaning schedule, and I never, ever have stuck to one.   In all honesty here, my tired, pregnant body is just that, tired and pregnant, so this is a tough one. Right now my motivation is keeping the house clean for showings, but hopefully my motivation will stay if/when we move. So, anyone have a cleaning schedule that works?  I don't need/want my house to be immaculate, just a regular up-keep schedule.

Looking at my Calendar: Having a calendar is great, but if I don't look at it, it's pointless. I've missed a couple meetings at school from lack of putting them in/looking at my calendar.  I want to be more purposeful about that this year. One great thing about having a digital calendar is that I can set alerts so reminders of events will pop up on my phone.

Nightly Checklist: After the boys go to bed, I often just waste the night away.  I want to read more, fit in some of that cleaning, and just not waste so much time.  I want to schedule out my nights more purposefully. Russ got me a super cute to-do list notepad for Christmas, so that might come in handy for this.

Use my Blogging Planner: I found a cute little printable blogging planner, and for blogging, I need to see the big picture on paper.  I go in spurts of really using it and really not.  I want to be more consistent with using it. 

Nightly Pick Up: The boys get their toys everywhere, all the time. I want to hold them more accountable for picking up at night. I don't want to be a fun-hater, but if they could do that 10 minutes of clean up I usually do after they go to bed, I'd have a little more time for myself or for cleaning other things.

Keep Simplifying: I feel like I've done pretty good in my attitude toward de-cluttering. I want to maintain that attitude and continue to rid ourselves of excess.

I've loved reading others' One Word or goals for the new year! Such a fun time to reset!

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