bybmg: Lessons in Fashion: Tips for Wearing Ankle Booties and Link Up

Lessons in Fashion: Tips for Wearing Ankle Booties and Link Up

Lessons in Fashion:

a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

  Tips for Wearing Ankle Booties

I will admit that when the short boots (aka booties or ankle bootie) trend came around I was not sold.  I was unsure weather I would ever wear them. Now, I feel like they're my go-to shoe, so today I wanted to share some tips on how to style them if you've just jumped on the bootie trend or are in a rut about how to wear yours. These are all outfits I've worn in the past!

{flare jeans}


I feel like most women have a good pair of flare jeans.  They're a great way to wear your booties that you may not see as often as some other ways.  

{spring/summer look}

I feel like booties kind of get pushed to the side in the spring/summer, but you can still wear them bare-legged. Don't be scared!

{cuffed pants}

One thing I've really gathered, that has pushed me out of my confort zone a little, is that booties look good with cuffed pants.  This may take you back to the tight roll you rocked in middle school, but I assure you, it works and works well. My most common style with my booties (I have three pairs now) is skinny jeans/pants with a little cuff.  You know I love skinny jeans if you've been around here long.

{ankle pants}

I have just a few pairs of ankle-length pants, and they also look great with booties.  Think the cuffed look without the cuff!


Booties also really go with maxi skirts and dresses. Sometimes maxis can get labeled as a summer or spring item with sandals, but not the case!  Add a bootie and you're set for colder temps!

{tights and skirt}

A fabulous colder weather look is adding some tights to your skirt (or dress) and wearing your booties.  I don't own a pair of heels, so I feel like my booties kind of act as a little substitute for the heels that are missing in my wardrobe.

Do you have a pair of booties?  If so, what's your favorite way to wear them? If not, have I convinced you to give them a whirl?

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