bybmg: Lessons in Fashion: Maternity Wardrobe Basics and Link Up

Lessons in Fashion: Maternity Wardrobe Basics and Link Up

Lessons in Fashion:
a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

Maternity Wardrobe Basics
I had a friend who was changing jobs recently (from scrubs to needing business casual) comment that she just wished she had a wardrobe in a bag that she could buy. It got me thinking about starting over with a wardrobe and the conundrum many women face when they are first pregnant and have to seek out maternity clothes.  It's basically like starting your closet from zero again. Sure, you can make a lot of things stretch, but the way your body changes, that won't get you through.  If you've been around here long, you know I don't like to spend a ton of money on clothes. I've had women ask me where to buy maternity clothes, and I usually end up replying, "Old Navy, Gap (sale rack), or Target."  So, today I wanted to share with you the basics I would buy if I had to start my maternity wardrobe all over again. 

I do plan to do a capsule wardrobe post for non-maternity in the future, but maternity is on my mind at the moment, so that's what you get.  Most of these ideas, however, can easily transfer to a non-maternity closet as well. 

Also, another note, all of my pregnancies have been fall/winter/spring pregnancies. I've had January, April, and currently a due in May, pregnancies.  For summer, I would definitely add/alter some of the choices.

Anyways, let's get on with it!

My Maternity Must Haves

My Maternity Must Haves by mrsbmg

1. Maternity Tank Tops: I'd buy a few of these in both print and solid.  They are wonderful for layering - wearing under a non-maternity top if you're trying to make it stretch and get gets a little too short, or wearing with a cardigan.   

2. Basic Tees:  You can always, always, always dress up your tops with a fun necklace or scarf that you have from pre-pregnancy.  I try to stay away from many tops that aren't the basics just because I feel like they don't have as much versatility as a basic tee.  You can dress them up or down.

 3. Long, Tunic-like Sweater: There are going to be some days when all you want to wear is leggings. Having a long sweater or tunic will make you feel cozy and put together, especially on the snowy days. 

4. Fun, Printed Top: I wouldn't go crazy in this category. Get one or two.  Having prints are fun, but you might feel like they aren't as versatile as your basic tee. 

5. Jeans: Buy a pair... or two if you wear jeans more often and make sure they're comfy!  You'll be wearing those babies a lot, so you need to make sure you love them.  

6. Colored Pant: I have three pairs of colored skinnies that are maternity, but all were found for $10 or less on a sale rack. I got super lucky. They really add some fun and pop to my wardrobe. They also go great with that tunic sweater!

7. Printed Pant: I actually don't have a pair of these in maternity, but I wish I did. Since this is probably my last pregnancy, I've really been trying to limit what I buy. Having a pair of pants in print will add a little pop when you wear your basic tees.

8. Basic Pant: One thing I did buy new this time around was a pair of maternity skinnies in khaki.  My old ones were so stretched and baggy after two pregnancies, I just needed a little reset.  I feel like most women have a basic maternity pant in black and khaki.

9. Cardigans: You do not have to buy maternity cardigans unless you like to button them up.  I've already talked about my love for cardigans, so if you have a collection already, you probably don't need to buy any more. They are wonderful to layer over anything! Also, I live in nursing tank tops after my babies are born, so it's wonderful to have cardigans to throw over those.

10. Basic Dress: Depending on how much you wear dresses, you can determine how many maternity dresses to buy.  I will admit that later on in pregnancy, when I get big, my pants aren't as comfortable anymore and dresses just feel cozy. Don't be afraid to buy a cute bump-hugging dress like this one.  This is one time in your life where it's fun to show off your round belly!  If you do feel a little self-conscious, you can always get a pair of maternity shapewear.

Any questions? Anything you'd add to the list? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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