bybmg: Lazy Saturday Style and Glasses from Firmoo

Lazy Saturday Style and Glasses from Firmoo

I admit that I enjoy dressing up for work, but I love weekend coziness just as much.  Today I wanted to share how you'll typically find me on a Saturday along with my new, fabulous glasses from Firmoo.

You've seen this Hello Apparel sweatshirt a few times, and you're probably like, enough already, but it's so cozy and I can wear it even with the baby belly.  I stuck a long black tank underneath, and threw on my cozy Gap Maternity legging jeans. 

I chose these glasses from Firmoo to challenge myself a little.

I usually am apt to go for brown tortoise shell. These are solid black.

I love that they are simple yet stylish. 

Firmoo provided me with these glasses in exchange for my honest review. I am thrilled with them and would definitely order from them again.

You can get your first pair of glasses free from Firmoo. Just follow this link!

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