bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.2 : Christmas & NYE Wrap Up

High Five for Friday 1.2 : Christmas & NYE Wrap Up

I feel like I've been a little MIA in the social media/blogger world. I didn't take my computer with me when we traveled, and I don't like to comment on blogs or compose posts on my phone.  I tried to play a little catch up on NYE, and hope to jump in with some fun posts in the new year!  Today, you get a recap of a couple weeks of fun around here!



On the 23rd, Henry and I made sugar cookie.  We've done this at some point in the month of December for the past three years, and I love the tradition. I've yet to do homemade ones. I always just break down and buy a tube of the pre-made dough and a tub of frosting. We still have fun. Maybe next year we'll do homemade!


Christmas Eve

There's our obligatory Christmas Eve family photo!  We went to church this year and the boys didn't go too crazy. It was the 5pm service and I think everyone with kids was there.  Henry got to hold his first candle while Silent Night was sung.  The look of awe he had was something I'll never forget.

Last year I started the tradition of Christmas Eve jammies.  This year they were even matching!


I also decided to give the boys their yearly ornament on Christmas Eve. I think I'll keep that as part of the tradition next year.  Henry got a Ninja Turtle and Wesley Mickey Mouse - both things they've been interested in lately.


Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, both boys slept in until almost 7. I could say gift opening was peaceful and it looked so in this photo, but Wesley freaked out after Henry opened his iPod and he wanted it. (Yes, we got our almost 5 year old an iPod, but we didn't pay a cent for it. We sold my old iPad and used the money to buy his iPod... and Henry calls it his phone. Oh, help me! But it sure is nice for car rides and a some learning games!)

We had our traditional crepe breakfast. Russ uses his grandpa's recipe to make them.  Our traditional fillings are banana and strawberry. This year I got strawberry pie filling instead of fresh strawberries since the strawberries at the store wouldn't last from when I got groceries to Christmas, and I actually liked it just as much. 

We just hung out around the house all day.  It was nice to just relax.  Wesley and Henry had both been fighting colds and had been up multiple times on Christmas Eve, so everyone was a little extra tired. I even took a nap, which doesn't happen very often. 


It's a...

My sister-in-law captured my mom's reaction to our gender reveal news.  I just love this picture!


NYE & Housing Projects

My parents came to help us do a lot of work on the house on the 30th! We're inching closer to being able to list the house! My parents then took the boys home with them through new years.  I can't tell you the last time, if ever, Russ and I have actually gone out on NYE, but we went out to dinner with another couple, and it was a blast.We had an hour wait at the restaurant we chose, but without kiddos, and hour wait is actually just fine.

I've loved reading people's Christmas updates, goal reflections, and goals for the new year this week. I hope to get back into the game the next couple weeks and share some of my thoughts on 2014 and 2015 with you!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Good for you for not bringing your computer with you! While I've liked the break from blogging, I do miss it and look forward to getting back into it! Happy new year! Your family is beautiful BTW.. but you already know that :)
    Carylee | more pieces of me


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