bybmg: Week 2: Christmas Photo Challenge

Week 2: Christmas Photo Challenge

Wife Mommy Me

Here we are, more than half way done with with Christmas Photo Challenge! If you missed last week's pictures, head back here and take a peek!

10. Stockings - We have classic Pottery Barn ones and I just love them. Simple. Perfect for us. Can't wait to add one more next year.

11. Greeting - Cards from friends near (in town) and far (in Kenya!). Love getting the mail each day. I got most of mine sent out this week, then I ran out of cards. More are on order!

12. Dozen - We had more than a dozen of these little Munchkins but they were free via a coupon! They were great snacks for our road trip!

13. Pajamas - Dude has been on an anti pajama kick lately and insists on wearing shorts. 

14. Celebrate - It's always a celebration when no one has to make dinner!

15. Green - Family movie night brought to you by Amazon Instant Video (and free because of credit I had on my account from opting out of free two day prime shipping!).

16. Cookie- amazing peppermint cookie bars that I took to a girls night last night. Of course I had to leave a couple home for the boys!

Come back next week, and we'll wrap up this photo challenge! It's been so fun!

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