bybmg: Week 1: Christmas 2014 Photo Challenge

Week 1: Christmas 2014 Photo Challenge

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Here we are for the first week's recap of the Christmas 2014 Photo Challenge. It's been fun, and it's been a challenge. Having others to follow on Instagram has been very helpful and motivating.

1. Yourself - A boy in one of my first classes of the day was overly complimenting me on my hair.  I guess straightening if every once in a while is a good change! 

2. Red - I love snowflakes and this red one on our tree is just beautiful!

3. Texture - So I admit I went outside of the box for this one, but with cold weather, screen time somewhat increases.  We love the Endless Reader apps! Great learning and quite silly at times which makes them fun.

4. Ornament - this is an ornament from my first year of teaching. It will always hold a special place on our tree. 

5. Tradition - Our neighbors have a great tradition of putting up a TON of lights.  They're even the fun ones that are timed to music.  I'm glad they go all out, because we don't.

6. Sweets - Henry and I went to a gingerbread house building event with our local Des Moines Mom Blog and sponsored by a local realtor.  He had a blast. 

7. Lucky -  I'm lucky that the grocery store gives out free cookies, has fun car carts, and lobsters to watch. This trip even included a lobster coming out of the tank so that we could touch it!  Wowzers!  Makes grocery shopping quite the outing!

8. Favorite - Thanks to Cyber Monday, this gift card to our favorite restaurant came with certificates for four free pieces of cheesecake! 

9. Elf - We don't have a shelf elf in our house, so I was kind of at a loss for this prompt until a friend reminded me about this guy!  

This week was so fun capturing all these pictures.  More to come next week!  

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