bybmg: Lessons in Fashion: My Go-To Outfit Combo

Lessons in Fashion: My Go-To Outfit Combo

Lessons in Fashion:
a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

  My Go-To Outfit Combo

It's been fun reading the comments from my reader survey.  I appreciate all your loving complements and some suggestions to make this place better. A few of you asked for the thinking behind some of my outfits, so today, I thought I would share one. Now, looking through these outfits, they do look somewhat different, but there is a solid foundation that pulls all of them together.  Here it is:

Go To Outfit Combo

Top + cardigan + neck wear + skinnies + boots or flats

Now, I have heard many ladies comment that they, "just don't have the body for skinnies," but you totally do!  Anyone can pull them off, you just have to find the right ones for you.  I'm no stick figure. I typically wear a size 10 or 12, and I make them work. 

Also, I will say, I have quite the cardigan collection. I feel like they are just so versatile and complete so many outfits.  If you're looking for something to buy more of, I'd say you can't go wrong with a few more cardigans.

Here are a few examples of how I've worn this combo in the past. I'll talk you through each one.


This cardigan, a boyfriend style from Old Navy, is one of my favorites.  I love the color. I paired it with a basic tee from Target. I added a necklace from Knot Just Bracelets, an Etsy shop I love. I chose the necklace because it added some interest and has a pink stone in it which goes with the easter-egg color combo I have going on.  This look would look nice with just a plain pair of jeans, but the polka dots on these (Target brand thrifted from Thred Up) add a little interest, as well.  The shoes are just some classic moccasins I picked up at Target.  I wear them frequently and the fit the casual feel of this outfit.

This outfit fits the combo again, cardigan (Old Navy) and tee (Target). The scarf was a sale find at Target. It's bright colors and pattern take this outfit from what could be boring to something more.  The polka dot skinnies, again add some interest, and I pulled some pink from the scarf in choosing these flats (thrifted BCBG).

This look has a little different spin but the same combination.  The cardigan is from Target. I chose this top (thrifted) because the texture adds a little interest to the outfit. I added the silver necklace (Our World Boutique) because it adds a little, but not too much, since the top is kind of the feature piece in this outfit. The jeans are basic skinnies (Gap thrifted from Thred Up), and I went with riding boots here (Steve Madden) instead of flats. With skinnies you can really rotate between a lot of different shoes.

This is a dressier version of this combo. The cardigan is the same Old Navy one as the second outfit. The top (flea market) is the statement here with it's bold pattern.  The scarf is a simple piece I picked up at Forever 21 a few years ago for like $8. The colored skinnies (Old Navy) brighten up this outfit since the top part is all black and gray. And the simple Target black flats finish it off.

If I'm struggling for what to wear in the morning, this combo can always be counted on.  If you love scarves but aren't sure how to put them together, head back and check out my scarf and top combination post to help you out!

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