bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.5

High Five for Friday 12.5

I feel like I have so much to tell you since I took last Friday off! Today is the last day for you to take part in my 2014 reader survey.  Even if you have only been here a few times, or just on Fridays, I would love your feedback.  There might even be something in it for you!


These two boys.  Wesley is getting very interactive and just loves his big brother. He always wants to be where "Hen-ee" (though it kind of sounds like "honey" when he says it) is.  Henry likes it sometimes, but also does things to purposefully torment his brother. Such is life, right? They can be so sweet to each other, too.  This week they shared a chair and cuddled on the couch together among other things. And, yes, Wesley is wearing a Halloween shirt.  Real life, people. It fits, it's clean, we wear it.


While we were home for Thanksgiving, we had my parents keep Wesley, so we could take Henry to his first Iowa Hawkeye basketball game. We got the biggest bucket of popcorn we could get! He had a blast, though he freaked out and wouldn't step within a stones throw of the mascot though Russ trekked to the other side of the area with Henry to seek him out.  Oh, buddy...


I went Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister in law.  I won't shop on Thanksgiving, but we did get up at the crack of dawn *cough4:30cough* to hit up the stores. Most stores we went to were pretty sparse because they'd been open since the night before. There was only one or two things they'd sold out of that we were looking for.  We really go out more for the fun and less for the deals.


I've been a bit of a busy bee with my stamping work.  I put together a couple fun bracelets for Christmas gifts for a couple customers.  The first one is a gift for a grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor.  The second was for a blended family. I got a new heart stamp and just had to try it out.  I still have some time to make more orders and get them shipped out this next week to get to you by Christmas.  Hop over to my Etsy shop or email me


We put up our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving break, too.  It's in the corner next to where I take my outfit pictures, so it may end up peeking into a few pictures.  We didn't get out a ton of Christmas decor.  I'm still not feeling 100% energized, but the tree and our stocking get me in the spirit! 

Hope you have a great weekend.
Some fun things are coming up next week!  Monday is the monthly link up and Wednesday I'll be sharing my first pictures from the Christmas Photo Challenge! 

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