bybmg: Christmas Cards with Minted

Christmas Cards with Minted

If you're still looking for Christmas cards, Minted has an excellent and beautiful selection!  Here are some that I love!

The shape of these is just adorable and I love how they  have a letterpress look to them.

This one is so simple and I love the font!

I know many people who have doubled their birth announcements with their Christmas cards, and this one would be perfect for doing so!

This card is a fun take on the collage. I love it's unusual shape. It might be difficult to find pictures that fit into some of the small places, but if you have a creative eye, this would be so fun!

Info graphics are so eye catching. I know it would be fun to come up with the info to add to this card. I really love it! It fulfills the Christmas letter in a unique way!

I'd encourage you to hop over to Minted and check out their selection of cards.  This is just a fraction of their selection!

I was contacted by Minted to review their holiday card designs, and did receive credit to their store for this post, but the opinions are all my own.  I would never tell you about something I wouldn't buy for myself!

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