bybmg: High Five for Friday 12.19

High Five for Friday 12.19

It's FRIDAY and today there's lots to celebrate because it's the last day of school before Christmas break!  So excited. We have so much to pack into the two weeks off. It's going to be wonderful! Time with family, house projects, and even a date night! Here are some highlights from the last week! I'm taking next Friday off of posting highlights just to focus on time with family and such.  That just means I'll have ton to update you on the following Friday!


I mentioned last Friday that Russ and I took the day off. We ran separate errands, went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, did a little shopping, and attended Henry's preschool Christmas program. It was a great day!


We had to run over to school this weekend to work on a few things.  The had so much fun exploring our classrooms. Their giggles as they doodled on my whiteboard were so funny!


I'm now a Jamberry Nails consultant.  I won't bombard you with Jamberry on here all the time, but I do plan to do a post about it sometime in January because I love their product and I know some of you have never heard of them before. If you haven't tried Jamberry nail wraps and would like a sample, email me, and I'll get one sent out to you!


My friend, Jamie, has had a Favorite Things party for the past three years.  It's so fun. We bring three of the same gift (our favorite thing) and then give them to three of the ladies (via a drawing) and then come home with three of other people's fave things.  I look three sets of a scarf and necklace from Our World Boutique (scored at a discount to meet the $10 limit for each gift), and came home with a cute casserole carrier, a Starbucks gift card, and a candle! So fun!  Thanks, Amanda, for the picture!


We got to see our sweet baby this week. "Everything looks perfect," were the doctor's words after looking at the ultrasound. Baby is measuring about a week ahead, which is the same as with both of the boys' pregnancies, so I'd expect this baby would come early as well!

Also, I'm a little late in the game in announcing it, but thank you to all of you who filled out my reader survey!  Lots of great feedback and sweet compliments for me to simmer on.  Congrats to Stephanie C. for winning the $10 gift card to Target!

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