bybmg: Link Love 10.2

Link Love 10.2

I feel like I don't keep enough track of some of the great blog posts I love!  I want to take time every once in a while to celebrate other bloggers and their great work!  Today I'm sharing a few recent blog posts by others that I think you should know about.

 We often get so caught up in appearance.  This reminder to invite people into the mess was just perfect for me.  I think there's a line from opening up to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, but sharing your mess both literally and figuratively with those close to you is meaningful. I have some few close friends with whom I don't feel like I have to clean up my house for.... or my feelings. I hope you have someone like that, too.

Another friend shared this, I think, but it's so true.  I don't have crazy curly hair, but I have enough to make it unpredictable.  If you're in my boat, these 20 Things Only People With (Really) Curly Hair Will Understand might resonate with you.

I don't like drama.  I try to stay away from drama-filled people.  Life's too short to deal with drama!  This post had me nodding my head a lot. 

Tiff has a great tip over here if you want to get started pattern mixing!

Any great posts you've seen lately that you think I should read?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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