bybmg: High Five for Friday 10.10

High Five for Friday 10.10

Yay for Friday!  I'm really excited for this weekend to actually be able to RELAX! Highlights from this week were hard to think up because it was such a simple week.


Wesley is such a ham.  He loves being the clicker for my outfit shots.  This time I just couldn't move hime out of the way or crop him out. Too cute!  This is the unedited version of where I take my outfit shots.  The road play mat usually gets cropped out.


Last year we started a tradition of having a fall hay rack ride at my parents
 farm. We took the ride this past Sunday.  Fun thing about this year was that the hay was from my dad's field.  He baled it himself.

My boys!


I made this Cream Cheese Chicken Chili recipe after recommendation from Jen. It was delicious!  Give it a try!


Russ and my dad worked hard yesterday and much unto the evening to get the spots of siding fixed on our house that were bad.  They worked past dark. I was outside holding a flashlight for a while, but it's all done, so Russ just needs to finish painting some spots and then we can finish the trim and the house exterior will FINALLY be done!  Yay!


I got in some time with some girlfriends last night. Just chatting, eating, and holding one's new baby boy.  It was what I needed though I am SO tired today!


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