bybmg: Fall Wal-Mart Beauty Box

Fall Wal-Mart Beauty Box


Tiff over at Bright on a Budget shared that Wal-Mart had a quarterly beauty box they were starting to send out.  The cost was just $5, and it sounded like it would be packed with fun things, so I was in.  I ordered it up and just about a week later, it arrived. Here's what was inside!

If you want details on each item, head over to the collection I made.  It includes everything that was in the box!   

Want to get your own?  Head here and order! I do believe the contents may vary by age by what I've seen a couple other women get.

Tiff did the math, so I'm stealing from her:
The lip balm alone retails for $6.97, the deodorant for $7.92, and the nail polish for $2.97, so just taking those items into consideration, the total comes to $17.86 worth of products for $5 (a savings of $12.86)!  That's not even including the value of the sample sizes. 

I'd say it was quite the steal.  All of these items are things I will totally use!

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