bybmg: September Ipsy Bag

September Ipsy Bag


This month's Ipsy bag was an overall winner.  I am so in excited about most all of the items!  The bag that came with was a fun metallic color, too.

If you aren't familiar with Ipsy, it's a monthly subscription.  For just $10, you get five beauty items plus a cute little zipper pouch.  You fill out a beauty profile on their website to start as well as rate the items you get each month so they can improve your experience. 

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow - shade Innocent - retails for $4.50

I love, love, love neutral shadows like this, so I'm happy to have another one.  It is a really nice shade and goes on well. I've worn it a few times since I got it.

I had seen people get brushed in their Ipsy bags, and I was jealous.  I love this one!  It's great quality and I love that it has two ends.  It works well with the new shadow!

I've been feeling like my hair is a little dry, so I'm excited about this. I had a haircut this week, so I think between that and trying out this, I'm going to feel a lot better about my hair.

Pacifica Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil - shade Fringe -  retails for $11

I really love the brown color of this.  It's a little darker than my current brown liner, so it's fun to have something different.  I really don't like waterproof make up, but it wasn't too difficult to get off.  It doesn't go on as smoothly as the Urban Decay liner I got last month, but it's still a win.

Hikari lipstick - shade Cabernet - retails for $13

I don't wear lipstick. ever.  I'm a chap stick and sometimes lip gloss kind of girl, so this will get passed on to my mom.  

Are you an Ipsy subscriber?  If so, were you happy with this month's bag? 

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