bybmg: Organization Link Up: How We Contain Toys

Organization Link Up: How We Contain Toys

I was going to start this post off talking about how we have a small house and have a difficult time containing toys, but I really think the problem applies to any house no matter the size. Toys! Toys! Glorious Toys! All the little parts and pieces. They can invade in a minute!

When Henry, our oldest, wasn't even one the invasion had already begun.  Now, having two boys at different age levels, the toy invasion is madness.  Here are a couple ways we've found storage.

We used to have a simple entertainment center, but I quickly realized taking up a whole section of wall with no place to store anything besides DVDs just wasn't going to work in our living room since that's where most of the playing happens. I don't remember where I found this entertainment center, but it's on its second set of baskets.  It's been a life saver.  Sometimes the baskets are designated for a specific type of toy. Currently they're just all thrown in there because back to school craziness has ensued. 

I think this one is kind of common in most households, but we have an ottoman that has a lid, so toys can be stored inside.  These can be found for about $20 at Target and are worth every penny.  We had a green one that got spilled on too much, so I recovered it for Henry's room and got this one to replace it for the living room.  I've also seen moms store diaper changing stuff in one of these if the baby's room is on a different level of the house. 

Here's our "play room."  It's really half of our sun room. The other half houses my sewing machine and Russ's computer.  We don't have an extra bedroom to designate as a play room or home office, so this space has to work.  The big storage unit here is the shelves with baskets.  

Just like with the entertainment center, sometimes the baskets are designated for specific things and other times everything is just thrown in there.  Guess which time it is currently?  Having this storage makes cleaning up the toy area a quick activity at night before bed.  Everyone Mom feels better going to sleep with a cleaned up house. 

What are some of your tricks for containing the toy invasion?  We also rotate some toys and have a few big tubs out in the garage where we keep toys that are stored away for a while.  

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