bybmg: High Five for Friday 9.5

High Five for Friday 9.5

Hallelujah for another Friday.  This week was wonderful, being only four days.  Hope yours was fantastic, too!  Here are five wonderful highlights from my week!


Are you tired of hearing about house painting updates yet?  Well, it's not finished, so get ready for a few more, but my brother and sister-in-law and their kiddos blessed us Saturday by coming to help paint.  The whole house is sprayed except for a couple places were we need to replace siding.  I've been working on painting the trim little by little since then.  It's still a journey, but we're getting closer!


If you missed it yesterday, check out the Dollup Case.  It's totally amazing! I was so excited to get this in the mail and give it a whirl.


I forgot I'd stored Henry's Kiwi Crate away since the day it came in the mail wasn't a great opportunity to work on it. We got it out and put both of the projects together. One was this little shooting game where you try to get the ball off the tee with a squirt gun. The other was bumper cars which he LOVED and spent time reminiscing about our trip to Adventureland as he played with them. Seriously, Kiki Crate is the best!


We took our pretty much weekly trip to the local ice cream shop.  Pie A La Mode for everyone!  Yum!  Don't worry, Wesley got his fair share, too. (picture thanks to the hubs...and yes I'm wearing a bacon t-shirt...)


I had a blast taking over the Liberating Working Moms Instagram account yesterday. I'm considering compiling all the pictures and making them into a blog post. Would you like to read that?

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