bybmg: June Darby Smart Box: Two Projects

June Darby Smart Box: Two Projects

 Last month's Darby Smart box was fun, as always. It actually got lost in a sorting facility somewhere, but they have great customer service.  I sent them an email that my box hadn't arrived yet, and they sent another one out with a new tracking number right away. 

There were two projects in this month's box: a headband and a cuff. Directions for how to make each are here. The only supplies I had to have beyond what was in the box was scissors.

I'd actually made a headband like this before, but it was fun to relearn how to make it.  They sent along enough t-shirt yarn that I think I have enough to make another.  The yellow isn't my favorite shade, but it's cute. 

The cuff is fun.  I'm not sure it's something I'll wear a ton, but it's beautiful and will be fun to incorporate in my wardrobe.

Have you tried out Darby Smart yet?   Their monthly To DIY For box is a surprise craft project delivered to your door for $19 total. 

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