bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.8

High Five for Friday 8.8

Yay! It's Friday! I started back to work yesterday, so the Fridays are going to start being a celebration again. All summer, every day felt like the weekend. This week, I wanted to soak up the last couple days of summer with my boys, and we sure did.


Last Friday while Henry was at climbing camp, Russ and I did some yard work.  Wesley was a trooper and road on my back for a good hour or more. We took down a bush and took out some cinder blocks from the back yard.


One day a while back, when toy clutter was driving me crazy, I got out some big ziplocs and stored away some of Henry's toys.  I know toy rotation isn't a new idea at all, but it's been awesome.  We got a Thomas the Train catalog in the mail this week and Henry asked to get his trains back out, so he packed up some other toys to put away, and we got out the trains.  They'd been packed away for so long he'd truly forgotten he had some of them.  It was awesome!


We took our last zoo trip of the summer with some friends.   We did the classics like ride the train and carousel.  Sometimes I forget how great it is to have a zoo membership.  We also used our membership to get discounts at two other zoos this summer.


We made s'mores one evening.  I love the idea of fudge stripe cookies. One less thing to assemble than the chocolate and graham crackers. Wesley experiences his first s'more.  The texture of the marshmallow was a little bit baffling to him, so that was fun to see!


I had some Gap Rewards, won a cash giveaway from a group of bloggers, and signed up for Rue La La and got $25 credit (I think the $25 sign up credit goes through today, so go sign up!). I went on a little online shopping spree! I got the cute gold Sperry sandals for just $15 on Rue La La (originally $90)! The Sperry shoes were my splurge from the cash giveaway (still bought at about half price on And the tops were FREE with Gap Rewards.

I also won $30 to from Rachel's giveaway. I picked out some pretties! (AND I sold a couple things on eBay, so I ordered a couple bracelets and a necklace from Etsy and GroopDealz, though I don't have pictures of any of those.) Happy mail coming my way!  Trying to pinch my pennies as much as I can.

Leave me a comment!  What were the highlights of your week?

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