bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.29

High Five for Friday 8.29


Happy Friday!  Anyone else thrilled for the three day weekend ahead?!  I AM!!!  Here are some highlights from this past week


We had quite the eventful Saturday!  My parents were coming to visit to help us paint the house/garage.  We'd had a terrible storm the night before and woke up to at least two feet of water in our basement.  Our basement is truly an old cellar, so we don't have anything down there, but the heater/ac unit is there, so that's what I was most concerned about.  My dad and Russ got the water pumped out, Praise the Lord!  Mom, Russ, the boys, and I went to the town festival parade while my dad supervised the basement drainage. It was such a blessing that my parents were already on their way when we discovered the water. 

Also, we did have time to work on the garage and it is a few brushstrokes from being finished!  Then, on to painting the house this weekend!


Henry made this ADORABLE family portrait while we were out to eat.  I seriously love it.  He says I'm holding Wesley in the picture.


It's been pretty hot around here. I think a few schools even got out early for heat this week. We got out the baby pool and water table.  Henry discovered the dump truck that had dirt in it. Then, we had mud baths.  They loved it and went straight in the tub when they were done playing! Sometimes you just have to be a Yes Mom!


We don't grow much in our garden but a few tomatoes and some sunflowers.  Russ's mom sent the boys sunflowers to plant, so we planted them.  This huge one grew not in the garden, but in the digging site we have for the boys.  Henry helped (for about one minute) take the seeds out of the flower.  We soaked and roasted them, but it turns out most of the shells were empty.  I may have cut the flower down too soon though it was pretty much toppled over.  No worries though, we have many more sunflowers left!  I may do a little set-by-step of how to roast them if we get a successful batch.  


I know everyone is SO thrilled the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks.  I do love their lattes, but I love the Frappuccinos more.  Did you know you can get pumpkin spice flavoring in those?  This tasty treat is a Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuccino (no caffeine).  You can also get it in a frap with caffeine!  Try it!

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