bybmg: High Five For Friday! 8.22

High Five For Friday! 8.22

First full week of school is in the books!  Yay! I hope you had a fantastic week!  Here are some highlights of mine!


If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this, but I made a joke last year that if I got a nickel for every pencil left in my classroom, I would be rich!  So, this year, I'm keeping track.  Gotta have a little fun! (The count is now almost 20.)


Saturday was kind of dreary and rain was threatening all day, so I had the idea to go to Bass Pro Shop. Wesley was fascinated with all the wild life everywhere and enjoyed exploring this awesome $55, 000 boat.  I'm pretty sure Henry tried out every single ATV they had!  


We've decided, well really been forced to, be do-it-yourselfers to repaint our house and garage. We don't have the bucks to hire people to paint it and we want to sell next year possibly, so it has to be done!  We actually lucked out and got the paint for FREE because we have a friend who work with paint, so that's been a blessing.  

Of course, the weather has decided to finally act like Iowa summer and be all hot and humid, so that isn't fun, but we're making progress. The first picture isn't a true before because I forgot to take one, but my dad and I replaced some siding about a month ago so there's a picture of that work.

The second picture is the garage in progress. The garage is all painted gray and we just have to do the trim on the top of the front and the east and north sides.  Then, we get to start on the house, but we have some family coming to help the next two weekends, so hopefully we can knock it out!


We've had some sniffles, coughs, and temperatures going through our house since school started.  Russ stayed home on Wednesday with  Henry.  After a day of rest, Henry was more than ready for a trip to the ice cream shop.  He added that, "Ice cream is my medicine," and I couldn't agree more. 


I could do a whole shop update post, but the fact is I've been busy!  Thanks to a little promoting by some customers, I've gotten some more orders!  I love making special things for special people!

How was your week?

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