bybmg: Currently 8.19

Currently 8.19

Thinking about . . . all thing things on my to-do list!  I have some fun things I got from Influenster and BzzAgent that I need to dig into and share about, but that takes time and good lighting for photos which usually only happens on the weekends now that school's in session, and weekends are pretty short!

Reading . . .  I read lots and lots of blogs!  I've been lacking in the actual reading books department, but I hope to get better at that.  One great thing is that on Tuesdays for advisory/homeroom, we read, so I'll be for sure joining my kiddos in digging into a good book then.  I'm part way into One Thousand Gifts, so I hope to finish it soon. I also won a copy of Chasing Hope, so that will be my next read.

Loving . . . nights at home with my boys.  Going back to work is definitely a kick in the rear, but it's good for us. I cherish the time we have in the evenings.

Thankful for . . . great friends. I had a great phone call to catch up with a high school friend last week.  It'd been so long.  We also are beginning the process of painting our house, and we have a friend who came over and helped with that.  I'm also just grateful I have some good girlfriends who I can walk though life with.  I'm so blessed.

Planning . . . blog posts and lessons.  At the end of summer vacation I was able to get ahead of the game a little in blogging, but now I have some current things I want to share about so I'm pushing some of the pre-blogged stuff back a bit. 

Dreaming . . . of what the next two years will bring: Masters degrees for the hubs and me, a smidge bigger house, possibly a vacation with just our family, and Lord willing, another kiddo sometime in the future.

Praying . . . that we stay organized and sane as we begin classes this fall.

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