bybmg: Uggtastic: Thrifty Finds 6.5

Uggtastic: Thrifty Finds 6.5


Every once in a while, I post my recent thrift store/thrift website finds. It might seem a little braggy or whatever, but I want readers to see you don't have to buy full price to look nice! I hit up Goodwill on Memorial Day and also bough a couple items from Twice the same day because they were having a 30% off sale.

Alright, first off, let's talk about these boots. They are Ugg Cardy Boots. Now, I know you might say, Becky, Uggs are so 5 years ago, but I have been REALLY wanting a pair. But at $160, I couldn't pull the trigger. I bought a pair of Bearpaw brand ones after Christmas that are a berry color, for about $40, but I was still thinking about the gray Uggs... Amazingly, these were just sitting on the shelf at Goodwill for $8! They are used, and you can tell a little, but they're my size and I snatched them up! I think I may end up selling my Bearpaw ones and I'm sure I could get more than $8 for those, so I'll come out ahead if I do that.

This is just a simple black knit skirt. It's Lands End brand, and the size isn't my size, but it looked like it would fit, and it did, so I bought it. Tip for thrifting - don't be afraid to venture outside of your typical size to look! Lands End items seem to be pretty good quality, so I think it will hold up better than some of my Old Navy skirts. It was just $3.50.

I almost squealed when I found this button up from Merona (Target brand).  It was one I'd been eying at Target, then never bought. It's navy with white polka dots - totally me - and was in my size. $3.50 and it was mine!

Not fashion related at all, but Henry is obsessed with Transformers. Optimus Prime stands about a foot tall, has a wings that pop out, eyes and other things that light up, and makes noise. $2 and I had the happiest boy on the block!

I don't really have any light wash jeans, and for summer, I felt like they'd be a good closet addition. I love Gap jeans. It's pretty much all I buy anymore (and all I own have been found thrifting or on the sale rack). These were listed on Twice as Gap Long and Leans from the Gap Outlet. With the 30% off, they were about $15, which is a rare find on a sale rack at Gap. Little did I know until they arrived in the mail, they were new with tags.

Peplum tops are totally in right now. I didn't own one until I saw this one on Twice. I kind of had to stalk it a little, because when I first saw it and tried to buy it, I got a notification that it was in someone's shopping cart. But, I waited it out, and they must have decided not to buy it. It was another new with tags item and I spent $10 on it after the 30% off. 

So, that's what I've found second-hand recently. I've also been trying to keep with my simplifying idea to get rid of some when I get something new, so I have 5 items to weed out!

P.S. The Twice link is a referral link. If you sign up through it, you and I will both get $10 off! Also if you download their App, you get another $10 off. I'd sign up via my link first than download the app so you make sure you get both discounts.

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