bybmg: Slowing Down: What I Wore Wednesday 6.4

Slowing Down: What I Wore Wednesday 6.4

I'm officially on summer vacation, one of the perks of being a teacher. My look will change a little since I don't have to get dressed up every day. I'll still post what I wear; it'll just be a bit more casual. I love just slowing down in the summer. Waking up without an alarm (well, more like I let my kiddos be the alarm).  Going for more walks. Spending tons of time outside.  Love it.

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I was soooo pumped to wear this outfit. I sent a pic of it to my mom since we'd gotten the dress when we went shopping, and she made some comment about it being an "interesting" outfit. Probably not how she pictured it'd look, but I love it. I look forward to styling the dress other ways, too.

Dress - Coldwater Creek (going out of business sale)
Necklace - Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction

This is what I wore for the last day of school. I totally could have just done jean crops and a t-shirt, but I decided not to.

Top - Gap (thrifted, I think)
Skirt - by me
Sandals - Toms

My first official summer outfit going to hang out with friends. Enjoy this photo spot, because it's where I'll be standing most of the summer!

Tank - Old Navy
Necklace - gift from the hubby
Skirt - LuLaRoe 

This is my first official day of summer outfit. Easy. Probably boring. But I needed that.

Dress - Old Navy

I had just the love charm on with the outfit, but got the number stamps yesterday, so I added our wedding anniversary (which was yesterday, if you weren't here to see that:)). Our wedding colors were also a pink and green (though more muted), so I love how this aligns with that, too.

Necklace - my shop

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