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Summer Goals for Me


I've seen lots of summer bucket lists for the kiddos, and I love them. I have lots of ideas going around in my brain for them, but I need some motivation, too.  Here's my list of goals for the summer:

1. Repaint the front door - Our house needs repainted, but we aren't ready to do that this summer. We hope to sell next summer, so I want to do some updates now. I've been reading many posts about how to do this. I just need to decide on the color and do it!

2. Finish the Gs for the ladder shelf - A few years ago I hung a ladder on the wall in our living room. I had pictures and some random things up there, but I feel like it's time for an update. I ordered a bunch of Gs of different shapes and sizes. I have a few decorated, but I have a few more to go.

3. Go paint pottery - I won $50 to a local paint your own pottery place a few months ago on Facebook. It expires at the end of June, so I need to get there!

4. Finish reading some books - I have a handful of books I'm part-way through. I want to get them all done, then on to some more!

5. Get family pictures taken - I have the boys' outfits picked out, so I just need to find a time to get them done.

6. Make some art for the mud/laundry room - We will have lived in this house for five years in August. It's way past time for this.

7. Try to figure out how to style my hair in a few different ways - Right now, it's either curled with my curling iron (most days), straightened, or up in a ponytail. I want to practice braiding since it's getting long enough to do that as well as try out some products that will allow me to just wash, put something in, and go. I had great success with that when my hair was shorter, but I haven't found the right stuff that works when my hair is longer.

Seven is a good number, right?!  You know I'll update you on projects as I go.  Happy Monday!

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