bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.30

High Five for Friday 5.30

It's been a great week!

1. We had a whole lot of people in our home last Sunday. Russ's dad's side of the family came to Des Moines to go to an Iowa Cubs game and then we had dinner at hour house afterward and surprised Russ's dad with an early 60th birthday celebration. Thank goodness the rain let up some so we didn't have to spend all the evening indoors. This picture actually has 2 people missing, but we had a total of 35 people in our house!

2. I found a few STEALS at Goodwill on Monday.  I will probably write up a longer post about some Thrifty Finds soon, but man, I was so excited about some things I found!

3. This kid is getting so chatty. I love it. It's mostly just baby babble; no real noticeable word yet, but he just talks and talks and gets into trouble. Love him! He'll be 14 months next week.

4. Can we just say, "School's out for summer!!" This is a cute video, but it also has an important message.

5. I had a LuLaRoe party at my house last night. So much fun! I got some great new things that I will share soon!

Hope y'all had a great week!  

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