bybmg: Summer Bucket List Link Up: Backyard Pool Time

Summer Bucket List Link Up: Backyard Pool Time


Here we are again at Friday! I LOVE summer! We had a great week and the hubs and I are headed off to a weekend without kids with some friends. Yay! 

My hubs does videography on the side. He is awesome at it!  It's a wonderful side-job, but does leave me single parenting for long spans of time while he does weddings and such. This past Saturday he had a wedding. He left the house at 8:30 am and didn't return until after 9. It made for a long day, but between renting the new Lego movie and some time outside, we had a great time.

We previously had a bigger pool, but it somehow it got lost in the garage or thrown out because we lost the plug. We didn't have a pool at all last summer, but Wesley's big enough that he will enjoy one this summer. I bought this one on Amazon.  For only $10, I thought it was a good deal. Plus being smaller, it's quicker to fill, warm up, and easier to dump.

First the boys just played on the edge with bath toys.

Then Wesley went to explore the yard, and Henry got creative.  Probably not the most safe thing to do, but he decided to run and jump in the pool. (Don't mind the doors in the background. My dad put a new back door on the house, so we're still trying to decide the best route to get rid of the old ones. Hoping to sell them!)

Wesley made his way back to the pool, and Henry got sidetracked with his water gun. It was fun seeing him discover he could actually climb in himself. 

Boy, did he love it!

But, then Henry kept trying to jump in again, and I didn't want him to land on his brother. He took a little (mommy enforced) time away from the pool until Wesley climbed out.

Thank goodness for a distracted baby brother, so he could have the pool to himself again. 

The boys were entertained for over an hour. I wore my suit and got splashed on a bit. It was a great afternoon! 

PS If you haven't read this or this about mommies and swimsuits, you should.

Now, for the link up! What summer fun did you have this week?

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