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What I'm Learning

As a teacher, I've always had the mantra that I'm a life-long learner. Whether it's actually learning a skill or idea or just learning a life lesson, I always want to be learning something.

Lately I'm learning to...

not get so upset with Henry when he comes out of his room 10 times a night. He will eventually go to sleep. All too soon he won't want much to do with me.

be ok with my body and not get too worked up out about eating that extra handful of jelly beans...or cupcakes...or whatever.

be satisfied with my blog statistics whatever they may be. I still wonder who many of you readers are! I wish I could gather you all together and have a party.

take time to craft. I have to be intentional about it. Darby Smart boxes have truly helped. I usually just get out to get groceries during the week, so having the full supplies for a project come right to my front door is amazing.

What are you learning lately?

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