bybmg: Lookin' Like a Ray of Sunshine: What I Wore Wednesday 5.28

Lookin' Like a Ray of Sunshine: What I Wore Wednesday 5.28

eShatki sent me this dress for free in exchange for my honest review. The opinions I share are all my own.


I arrive at school in this outfit and the compliments started flowing. 
"Mrs. Goerend, I LOVE your dress!"
"You look like a ray of sunshine!"
And I totally felt it!

This dress is from eShatki, and I am in love with it!  

I'd seen a few other bloggers get the chance to review a dress from eShatki, and I squealed when they emailed me asking if I would like to review one of their products.  I chose this dress because it is just so classic. I can wear it to school and I could wear it out or to a wedding.

Another amazing feature of the dress is that is has POCKETS!  As a teacher and mom, this is huge! 

Necklace from Our World Boutique

The dress has a very modest neckline, and that's one more reason I chose it. I feel very comfortable wearing it to school without a jacket over. It even has those wonderful bra strap clips in the shoulders so I didn't have to worry about them showing!

I found these shoes on sale at Target for $8, and I think they go perfectly. I honestly feel like I'm cute and Kate Middleton like in this whole outfit.

Now, a little more about eShatki! Each dress is custom made. I was shocked when I went to select the size and could make it fit just for me. I ordered just a regular size because I'm fairly proportional, but I did select my height so they could make sure it was the correct length. I could have ordered one size for the top and another for the bottom; you can't find that many places! I loved the dress how it was, but I also could have customized the sleeves and length. I also could have opted for no pockets, but really, who would want that?! 

I will definitely keep eShatki in mind for the next formal event I need to attend. For a custom made dress, or really any dress, their prices are very reasonable. This dress retails for about $70. That would probably be the mid-range that I might find at our local department store.  And to be able to customize it to fit just right is totally worth the money. 

Eshatki is also on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Check them out!

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