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Home Manicure Help: Julep Plié Wand

I admit I was thisclose to canceling my Julep Maven subscription this month. $20 for fingernail polish is just not for me, but then I got an email that they were including the new Plié Wand this month. I watched a video on it and decided that I'd give it a try.

So, this was my box. I used some of my Julep points to get a couple extra brushes, though after getting them, I'm not sure I really needed them.  

This is the wand!

The want come with a brush and a black cap that fits around the top of the brush.

Then, the top of the black cap is magnetized and snaps on to the wand. Like I said, I bought more brushes/caps because I could get them free with points, but I don't think I really need them because the Julep polishes' existing brushes fit into the black cap. I guess I could use an extra brushs with non-Julep polish, but if I clean it after each use, I would only need one.

The whole concept of the wand is that it stabilizes the polish brush. Think about writing with a pencil... It's difficult to control a short, stubby little pencil, but a longer one works because it balances in the crook of your hand. When painting with my right (dominant) hand, I felt like I did have a little more control.

I'm no nail pro, but I think it helped my nails look a little better than normal.

I think unless you're super ambidextrous, you can agree that painting with your non-dominant hand often looks like a toddler painted your nails.  The Plié Wand video claimed that you could paint better with your weak hand, possibly better than your dominant one. Though I'm not sure about the second part of the claim, I did feel like I had more control with my left hand and my nails showed that, too.

There's my left hand! No big visible mistakes like there normally might be.

This is how the wand looked when I used it in my left hand. It basically twists to fit that way. 

It can also twist partially, so you can personalize it the way it feels right for you.

All-in-all, I'm happy I got it. I want to try out the wands with non-Julep polish. I'm guessing it will do fine; I'll just have to clean the brush with polish remover after each use. It seems like the brushes are built for that anyway, so it should work out well!

The wand retails for $25 on Julep's site, $20 if you're a Maven, so I guess that in itself made this box worth it!

Become a Julep Maven through my link and your first box is free (using code FREEBOX). Here's my referral link.

Do you think you'll try the Julep Plié Wand?

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