bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.9

High Five for Friday 5.9

I keep looking at the calendar and am amazed at the small number of Fridays left until summer! Three after today to be exact. Crazy. Just crazy. The weather has shaped up to be beautiful this week!

1. We had Russ's parents and some friends in town this past weekend because Russ hosted a film festival at our school. Grandma and Grandpa watched the boys so we could go to dinner with our friends, Tim and Hannah,  from Chicago who were in town. (photo highjacked from Russ's IG)

Russ and I also got a date night last night! It's been great to have some time just the two of us.

2. The beautiful weather was wonderful this week. We had some time to just hang out in the back yard. Both boys were digging. Wesley climbed in the garden beds a few times. He's such an explorer!

3. Henry came home from preschool with these sweet flowers. I love the big flower he colored!

4. It's been a great Teacher Appreciation Week. We've had some yummy food at school and a few fun surprises in our mailboxes. It's always nice to feel appreciated!

5. If read my blog through a reader, and don't go to my actual site, you're going to have to click over here today and check out my new blog header! I really want to take steps to make my blog look a little more professional, but that takes money that I'm not always willing to spend. I used the website fiverr and connected with a graphic design artist to make the new header for you, you guessed it, $5! Hooray!

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