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Animal Jars with Darby Smart + a Coupon Code


Here with another Darby Smart craft box today. I had so much fun with this one! 

I received this box at a discount for reviewing purposes though the opinions are all my own.

This box is the Animal Canister box. You may purchase it on the project portion of their website. The box has everything you need: two jars with lids, two small cans of spray paint, super glue, and four dinosaurs. There are other animal options besides the dinos, but I found them fitting being a mom of boys.

I love that each Darby Smart kit comes with a card of very clear directions. The first step was to glue the lid pieces together.  The brush super glue made this so easy!

I held them together for a moment, and then let them dry a little.

Next, I used the super glue to attach the dinosaur to the lid. I held it there for a minute to make sure it stuck.

I got a little dino happy! I wanted to use all four in the kit plus, being a mom of boys, I had a few extra hanging around the house, so I did six total.

I took the project outside and braved the slight breeze to spray paint the lids.

After painting, I quickly moved the lids to the garage so they didn't get any out door debris on them. I used the pink and the blue paint from the kit plus some metalic paint I had from a previous project.

Here are all the jars together. Don't they just look fun?!

I'm using the pink and silver ones to visibly store my finger nail polish.

The blue ones will hang out on our counter to store snacks for the boys. I think they will enjoy them!

All-in-all this was a wonderful kit. I really appreciate that everything was included and the directions were clearly written. For $14, this is a great value. I'd spend enough in gas driving all over to collect the supplies, and this box came right to my front door ready to go!  I also appreciate the small amounts of items. If a person wanted to complete this project and he or she didn't have jars on hand, a whole case of jars is not a cheap deal. The spray paints were cute sizes and I still have paint left to do a few other small projects. 

You've heard me talk about Darby Smart enough, now, go try it yourself! Darby Smart is offering a code for my readers. Use the code GETCRAFTY10 to get $10 off a box. This code is good until May 17th, so hurry!

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