bybmg: Wood Burning with Darby Smart

Wood Burning with Darby Smart


You may wish I'd just be quite about Darby Smart already, but I LOVE them!!! This box was the first one I got with their monthly surprise subscription. I was so excited when I opened it because I have not done wood burning before.


The kit was stocked with everything I needed: the wood burning tool, a test piece of wood, two bamboo cutting boards, stencils, and instructions. 

I did some free hand drawing on the practice piece of wood and just tried some different techniques out. Wood burning is not as easy as it looks. I realized straight lines were my best bet. There were different tips that came with the wood burning tool, but I just tried out the standard one that came on it. I plan to experiment with the other another time. 

I'd gotten this chevron stencil from the Darby Smart store to test out (it didn't come in the wood burning kit), and you know me and my love of chevron. Plus, straight lines! I traced it in pencil and went to work.



All-in-all, it didn't take very much time. It was a nice crafty break after the boys were in bed. I did decorate the other cutting board that came in the kit, too, but I'm planning to give it as a gift, so I won't show it on here just yet.  

Seriously, if you haven't tried out Darby Smart yet, DO IT!

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