bybmg: High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday


1.We went to a super fun Lorax themed birthday party for one of our friends' little girls. It was such a cute party!

2. Wesley is one! I know I keep talking about it, but seriously! Where did this year go?

3. We are trying out Appleseed Lane's monthly kids subscription box this month. It had 4 activities in it and is more science-based that Kiwi Crate for the same price. I put our Kiwi Crate on pause for a couple months to give this one a try.

4. Tuesday I had a ton of packages, some in preparation for Wesley's birthday party this weekend, but this one was just for me - two new headbands from A is for Antler. The gray one is going to get worn a lot! 

5. Lastly, if this video doesn't bring a smile to the end of your week, I don't know what will.  Happy Friday!

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