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Just some honesty


Remember back in the beginning of the year...that whole Simplifying thing? Yep, I stink at it. I blame it on my birthday and Christmas spending money, but I had a spurt where I just couldn't stop buying clothes. Seriously. I love clothes. Three new pairs of shoes, a handful of scarves, and many tops later... after my NYC trip, that spurt is officially over. I'm going to *try* to not buy any items of clothing for a while. I want to focus more energy on being creative. When summer comes, I naturally tend to do that, so I'm going to try to begin sooner - being a creator and not a consumer. I have a large stash of fabric I can dig into, some clothing that could be refashioned, and some Pinterest boards dying for some action. (And since I originally wrote this post, we can have a mini celebration that last night I walked out of Goodwill empty-handed and did a Darby Smart box in the same day!)

My Forty Days of Kindness has been going ok. I've missed a few days, but tried to make up for it on others. I haven't posted all of my giving on Instagram because I'm trying to be somewhat anonymous in some things I do, so I don't want to spoil it. I can sulk about not keeping it up every day, or celebrate that I have done a lot more than I would outside of these forty days. Any ray of sunshine I can share because of my Savior is worth it.

So, there's what's been bugging me. I don't usually use this blog as a brain dump, but today, it is.  Thanks for listening!

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