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4 Qualities We're Looking for in a Daycare

The feelings are all so raw right now, but we got word that our in home daycare is closing because they are moving. I've cried many tears over it (Sorry, Katie, if you're reading this...I don't want to make you feel bad...We LOVE you, that's why this is so hard!). If you've been around here for a while, you have heard how much we love our daycare. This next daycare will be Henry's 4th since birth. I guess that's the risk we take going in-home, but we just love the home environment for our children.

So, we're looking again.

We have some leads and an interview with a possibility next week.

Choosing a daycare is so tough. We really don't have a long list of what qualities a daycare must have. I don't want that to sound like we'll just let anyone be with our kids because we totally will not and have interviewed and not gone with providers before.

Here's the short, but meaningful, list of what we are looking for:

1. Someone who will love our children. - We have had experiences meeting people who do in home care because it's a job. We want someone who does it for the love. We want someone who will treat our children like part of their family.

2. Someone who keeps a clean, friendly home. - We are not neat freaks by any means, but we are also not slobs. We want a home that can be played in and that is kept orderly.

3. Someone who will be a team player. - We want someone who doesn't know it all, who will ask us for suggestions and accept our own in the care of our children. We want someone who is on our team and will communicate openly with us.

4. Someone who just feels right. - I'm a person who can get a feeling about people pretty quickly. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I can get a pretty good idea of who a person is from meeting them. I can tell if a provider will be uptight or relaxed, honesty or mask-wearing, loving it or doing it for the wrong reasons, a good fit for our family or not.

So, here we go, on the interview adventure. We're also pondering possibly finding a preschool with daycare for Henry. He's gone to a two day a week three-year-old program with our daycare provider's son this year. We most likely won't have the luxury of a family who will transport him next year to the three morning program we had planned. I know many do preschool in-home. I'm curious about that and also wondering if Henry would do better in a more formalized school environment. 
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