bybmg: High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday

Ahhhh - Easter weekend is here. I'm so ready to just relax and take in the holiday with my boys. This week was long, but had many good spots. Here are a few!

1. YUM! My favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Milk Chocolate Eggs. These are amazing and don't last long at our house.  

2. It's been dreary and chilly, which is hard when it was so nice this past weekend. Dance parties have been happening pretty often at our house just to keep everyone moving and in a better mood.  

3. I got my April Darby Smart box. I've never done metal stamping before, but I have always wanted to try it. Look for a post on it soon!

4. I made some time to sew this week, so I got a few more things posted in my shop. These make-up brush rolls seem to go quickly! 

5. This wee-man has been up EARLY this week (I know, mom...payback...). Wednesday morning he was up at 4:52. Yep. But, I've brought his highchair into the hallway by our bathroom and he's munched on Cheerios and chatted with me while I get ready. Gotta make it work somehow, and of course I don't mind the extra time with him at all. 

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