bybmg: Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

Tone Petal Soft Body Wash


The wonderful friends over at BzzAgent sent me a full-size Tone Petal Soft body wash to try out for free. I'm usually not much for really floral body washes; I usually prefer citrus or coconut scents, but I was pleasantly surprised by sent of this one.

The label says it has "pink peony and rose oil" in it, and I could definitely smell the floral when I opened the bottle, but it was not overwhelming at all. The scent is light, and that's just about perfect for my floral tolerance.

Tone prides itself on it's spa-like feel that keeps your skin moisturized. This winter has been tough on my skin, and using this really seemed to add some moisture. I'd definitely try it again and I for sure recommend it to you!

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