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Today I thought I would try Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker. So, here goes. The prompt is small. I sent my timer for 5 minutes and wrote - minus the distraction of Firefox quitting on me mid timer. :)


It's always funny to me how small is just a comparison. Henry always seemed so small until Wesley came along. Now he seems like a giant. I remember bringing Henry home from the hospital, feeling like he was so TINY at 6lbs. 12. oz. Then I truly learned what TINY was when Wesley was a whopping 5lbs. 10 oz. at birth. And yet other babies are born smaller and fit into a single hand. It's all a comparison

Small. Some days I feel so small in this world - just one of billions - but other days not. My pants size. The number on the scale.

Our house. It can feel so small. Three bedrooms. One bathroom. I've talked about it before. You're probably sick of hearing about it. But then I think about people who have a house with just one bedroom. Multiple people sleeping in one bed. Dirt floors. I feel lucky.

Small. Comparison. 

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