bybmg: Things I'm learning about raising a super hero

Things I'm learning about raising a super hero


I'm a mom. A mom of boys. Two boys to be exact. We hope to have a third child someday. It may end up being another boy. As much as I feel like I really should be a mom of girls because of my love of fashion, shopping, crafting, and otherwise, right now, I'm raising two super heroes.  Below is a list of some things I'm learning while raising them.

Some of these may well apply to princess, too, but boys are all I know right now.


1. Cars and trucks will end up in unexpected places.

2. Slinging webs can happen anywhere and will turn a grumpy super hero into a smiling one.

3. They need frequent cuddles. Along with web-slinging, cuddles can solve a lot.

4. Super heroes may not agree with your wardrobe choices and choose their own. 

5. They need creative outlet.

6. They may photo bomb your pictures. 

7. They love to be dangerous.

8. And messy.


9. They need to be outside as often as possible. (Winter makes them CRAZY!)

10. They need one-on-one time with their mama. 

Mamas of boys. What have I missed? Share in the comments!

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