bybmg: High Five for Friday!

High Five for Friday!

Another week, and boy this one sped by! I hope you had a great one. Here are some highlights.


1. Could this kid be any cuter?! We went to pick out his glasses. These got the okay because they have blue on them (on the inside of the frames). But, then we got them on Thursday and he was NOT happy. Thankfully I have a couple wonderful friends who are wise mommies of glasses wearers in my life that we can seek for advice on the transition.

2. Russ took Henry out for some time to run at the mall play area, Wesley was napping, and I got some fun creative time making a mess and starting some sweater mittens. I have one of the four I cut out fully sewn. The thickness of the sweater is a little rough on my sewing machine.

3. I got a little Target/Starbucks mommy vacation this week. Brr it's been cold around here, but yet I still order a Frappuccino. 

4. I've been STALKING these boots on Amazon. The price has fluctuated a lot, and they suddenly were at the lowest price I'd ever seen them. My finger couldn't click add to cart fast enough! I'm excited because they're real leather and the price is back up again today, so I know I made a good decision. My current boots are Payless cheapies, and though I like the look, the comfort and ability to last are lacking.   

5. No picture for this one, but I had some quality girl time this week, too. Painting nails. Drinking a glass of wine. Much needed.

What were the highlights of your week?! I'd love to hear them in the comments! Or, just comment to let me know you stopped by. :)

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