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Weekend Randoms


 We had a nice weekend at home. We hung out with some friends Friday night, but then had Saturday as a family.

I'm pretty sure I got the LAST bag of pretzel rods at the grocery store. They were all out of store brand, and this was the last of the name brand. I wanted to do dipped ones with sprinkles because it isn't as encompassing as sugar cookies and I could control how many we made.

Henry was my lovely helper to sprinkle them.

Russ and Wesley supervised. Dontcha love the messy table? Real life, folks... gotta get the "baking" going before it gets too close to bed time!

Henry did pretty well with the hand-sprinkle technique.

But, when it came to actually shaking sprinkles from the shaker, it was more like pouring.  Oh, Henry...

I got a LOT of sewing done this weekend - all Christmas gifts. I wanted to make a zipper pouch for someone, and the fabric and lace just came together. I love it. I may have to make one for myself soon since I just discovered my lotion leaked all over my current one in my purse.

I saw this organizing tip for t-shirts as I was blog surfing, and applied it to my tank top/"nice" t-shirt drawer. What a difference from the piles and mess it used to be!

 Also, random, but I'm participating in a BzzAgent campaign for Claritin-D. I felt like a creeper buying it from the lock-and-key cabinet at the pharmacy, but wow, who knew allergy meds helped with colds?!  We've had the cold bug racing around our house like made lately, and this helped a ton! 

How was your weekend?

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