bybmg: Instagram Gift Tags

Instagram Gift Tags

The creative ladies over at A Beautiful Mess shared an idea to make instagram pics into gift tags using their app, labels, and your own color printer.  I modified this to meet my needs with supplies I already had on hand, and wanted to share it with you.

Last year for Christmas, Russ got me an instagram calendar from Printstagram. I've LOVED it, and I'm pretty sure I want to order another one for next year. If you don't have this calendar and want to do this project, you can also order just prints from Printsagram or Walgreens.


I previously posted how I used Mod Podge and some of the prints to make some fun art for our home.

For this project, I used my white correction tape. It's like white-out, but much cleaner than the liquid stuff. This one actually ran out, right after I'd made a few tags, so I'll be replacing it ASAP.

Here's one of the pictures I chose.

I cut the date off the bottom to make it a square.

I used the correction tape to make two lines.

Then, I used a pen to write to and from.

Simple as that and oh so cute! Though they aren't sticky tags, one piece of tape or a hole punch in the corner, and they're easily attachable to a gift or ribbon.

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