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Stories Behind Ornaments

Our home doesn't get many visitors during the holidays. The tree and decorations are mostly for us. But I still love getting out the ornaments each year. Many have stories. Here are a few.

This is sweet Henry's hand print - the Pinterest ornament idea. He made this two Christmases ago when he was almost two. It's crazy how big those hands can get so quickly.

Henry's first Christmas ornament - Gotta find one for Wes this year!

Russ's Uncle Patrick made this. He passed away before I could meet him. I love hanging it on our tree and telling Henry Patrick about who he is named after.

This is a lollipop. It used to have plastic on it until Henry tore it off! I'm pretty certain my grandmother made it. She passed away when I was two. 

My Great Aunt Edna gave this to Henry last Christmas and he remembers that she did. It's a simple ornament, but the memories tied to it mean a lot.

Did you know we used to have four cats?! Yep. But because of the safety of our children (scratches, meowing in the middle of the night, and actually climbing in the crib with the baby), they all have different homes right now. A couple of them may rejoin us someday. 

I got this for Henry last year. He was addicted to Toy Story. It was the ornament he could not stop talking about as we prepared to get out the decorations. I'm pretty sure he checks each morning to make sure it's still there.

Russ and I have these ornaments from our childhood. They must have been the ornament to get one year. They're engraved with our names on them. I hang them next to each other every year. 
We decorated for Christmas pretty early this year because we are busy the first couple weekends of December. I'm so glad we did. I get to enjoy the tree and ornaments just that much longer. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

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