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Growing Up

Last night, Henry came out of his room about 5 times post bedtime. The one that cut through the "GET BACK IN BED!" that hit my heart was, "Mommy! You haven't rocked me in a long time! Rock me please!"  How could I say no to that?

When Wesley was born, I felt a HUGE sense of mommy guilt about the time I was missing with Henry. Many mornings I was exhausted, and Henry (age 3) was on his own to start getting ready while Russ was getting ready and I was out of commission. Henry wasn't potty trained at the time; he was in pull-ups. The kid learned how to change his own pull-up and get dressed by himself 100% in a matter of days. Reflecting back on that time, and overcoming the guilt, I realize it was really good for him.

His outfit choices (when he picks) aren't what I would choose, but he's able to get dressed.

We've started picking out clothes together before bed and laying them out on the floor.

He puts my pop away (when I get it - I've been trying to cut back...)

He puts recycling away.

We're working on having him sweep up his messes.  He also puts his dishes in the dishwasher and his clothes in his dirty clothes bag.

It's hard as a mama to let go and put responsibility on him. To draw the line between teaching independence and making him grow up too fast. 

Often when I look at him I still see the little baby or toddler he once was. At night when he asks me to rock him, it all floods back. But, all-in-all, I know it's good for him, great for him to have those responsibilities. Now...when will he be old enough to clean toilets? ;)

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