bybmg: My Creative, Sticky Floor, Dirty Oven, Happy Kid Life

My Creative, Sticky Floor, Dirty Oven, Happy Kid Life


A few friends posted an article on Facebook the other day entitled 5 Ways We're Making Parenting Harder. #5 was Pinterest. I went back and forth in my thoughts about this... I have been on Pinterest for a long while, like back when it was invitation only. I truly LOVE Pinterest.

I know through this blog, it may seem like I'm a super crafty mom who has tons of time to do all these projects. But, you know what, I don't have it all together. This blog is my highlight reel. My house is somewhat messy (I've truly been contemplating hiring a house cleaner...and if you've seen my house, you know it is TINY and I SHOULD be able to hold it together.). My flowers in the painted pots on the fence died. Sure, I'm not going to share pictures of the dead flowers. You may, however, see pictures of the messy house from time to time. I go back to the quote... 

"Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids."  

My floor IS sticky. My oven is DIRTY. But, Henry loves it when I spend a few minutes making a fun snack with him or bring in snow from outside for him to play with in our warm kitchen. I often hear, "Mommy, can we make a project?!"

So, I would respond to that blog post that Pinterest doesn't make life harder for me. The ideas I've found there make my life better. I don't have to come up with ideas, I just find them. Pinterest makes my kids' life more fun because I can find something on there for them to do when it's a long summer day, the laundry is 5 loads high, and I just need something for them to do for 10 minutes.

It's hard to see other moms/bloggers sharing all of their cute little projects and not get envious or feel down right bad about your lack of craft/creative abilities.  But, for me, crafting is a release. It's a de-stress. And I love sharing what I do. I've made a small, small extra income because people have paid me to make things for them after they've seen what I can do. I've decorated to my home frugally. I've helped other moms with ideas of fun activities they can do with their kiddos.

"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." - Steve Furtick

This blog IS my highlight reel, and my behind the scenes aren't pretty, but my life it better because of the ideas I gather and create from on Pinterest.

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