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Diana over at Diana Wrote started a little link up with glimpses into the past week. I thought I'd link up with what's been happening here!

Wesley has found his toes. It's fun to see him discover new things. 

Henry had his first day of 3-year-old preschool on Wednesday. I wanted him to wear a polo. He wanted to wear Spider-Man. So, we compromised and he wore both. 

Wesley turned 5 months yesterday. He is a spit-up master. I had to laugh that I caught him in the act. Although he spits up all the time and we have to have a rag in arm's reach, he really is a joyful baby.

Russ's dad and grandma came to visit Saturday as well. The boys loved their time with Great Grandma Tiny. Also, I got a new app on my phone where you can put cute little things on pictures.  Fun!

I scored this 3G Kindle on our local swap page for $20 last week. Although I have an iPad mini, I am appreciating a device that is just for reading.

I had some precious time today where both boys were napping. I had three Toms bags pinned with zippers, so I took a little time to sew and list them in my shop!

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