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This week has not been usual...


Wesley started rolling places. So, now I need to start cleaning my floors better! My postpartum hair shed isn't helping!


Henry biked some more. He even rode 6 blocks up to the town farmer's market and back on Wednesday.

He got his first book order from preschool! Though I'm a teacher and can do book ordering from Scholastic whenever I want, there is still something about sitting down with the paper book order and circling what is wanted. Too bad the kid wanted every book!

Thursday night we had a crazy storm at about 3:45pm. It made it tricky to get the boys from daycare and knocked out our power until about 10pm.

Thank goodness for Chick Fil A and their playplace (for Henry), plastic lid (for Wesley), and shake (for me). We went there for supper while the power was out.

Henry has asked a few times this week to hold his brother (once specifically while he was standing up). It's precious to see how much he loves his brother and wants to make him laugh. 

My former coworker is due in November, and had a baby shower on Saturday. It was fun to celebrate her and see some other friends. (The four of us pictured all taught 5th grade together last year.)

Saturday night, Henry was up vomiting until midnight (aren't ya glad I didn't include a picture of that?!) and then this little guy was up at 4am and had trouble getting back to sleep. I discovered that he is getting his first little tooth.

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