bybmg: The story of my tattoo

The story of my tattoo


My left wrist

Almost two years ago, I got a tattoo. To people who knew me growing up, or even many who know me now, this was a bit of a shock. I'm not the typical tattoo girl, and I got it in a very visible place.  It wasn't a spur of the moment thing. I'd been thinking about it for almost a year.

I saw trees painted like this a few years ago, and I started to paint some myself. We have a collection above our bed.

I drew the design for the tattoo myself and took it to Skin Kitchen (what a fun name for a tattoo parlor!) with my friend, Jamie. Really, the pain wasn't as bad as I'd thought. It was the sunburn like pain after that was worse than the actual inking.

Russ had a necklace made for me to match my tattoo. He's so thoughtful!

I wanted the tree to mean something. So, each circle has a specific meaning. The three big ones on the bottom are my foundation, my faith. They represent the Trinity: blue - God the Father, red - God the Son, and yellow - God the Holy Spirit. The smaller on the top are my family: pink - me, orange - Russ, and green - Henry. Because of price, pain, etc., I don't plan to add any more kiddos (Wesley and future), until we're sure our family is complete.

It's fun explaining it to people when they ask, and I'm happy with it still two years later. I'm glad it's in a place where I see it often - a great reminder of why I'm here.

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